Wet Processing Outerlayers

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Wet Processing Outerlayers

IS Stripping - Ammonia Etching line 30"

ID# 122-123

International Supplies , dry film Stripping & ammonia Etching Line for Outher Layers max etch speed 2m/min for 40u copper, panel ticknes 0,15 to 10 mm .Stripmaster 30" Double Strip Chamber, Quad Rinse Cascade, & Exit and with Drum Filter System , Etchmaster 30" Ammonia Etching System Double Etch Chamber, Quad Rinse Cascade, & Exit total titanium build, feed & bleed system IS Tin bleecher ,Quad Rinse Cascade, SHD A-A dryer. Heating by hot water generator.

IS chemical copper cleaner outherlayers 30"

ID# 106

IS International Supplies chemical copper cleaner before outherlayers lamination, material tickness min 0.1 max 12 mm.

Transport width 800 mm, 5x cascade rinse - SHD A-A dryer for tick panel small holes  drying.

Hot water heating.

CRH copper cleaner line

ID# 119

Chemical cleaning before dry film lamination, 3 x cascade rinse , micro etch , 3x cascade rinse and dryer.

IS Devmaster 30"

ID# 115

IS International Supplies Devmaster SHD 30" double develop chamber, quad rinse cascade, SHD A-A dryer & exit.

Panel tickness 0.15 to 12mm, transport witdh 800 mm, developing speed 2 m/min.

Hot water heating

IS Developer

ID# 118

IS International Supplies Developer double develop chamber, SHD dryer ,exit conveyor.

Panel tickness 0.2 to 5 mm, transport width 615 mm, speed 1,7 m /min.

Electrical heating.

IS Developer preparation system

ID# 117

ID# 117 IS International Supplies preparation system for ID# 118

IS Developer preparation system

ID# 122a

ID# 122a IS International Supplies praparation system with, distribution pump to different machines.

as ID# 115 - ID# 51

IS Sn/Pb stripping machine 30"

ID# 126

IS International Supplies  Sn/Pb Stripping Line  max speed 2m/min, panel ticknes 0,15 to 10 mm

2x stripping module, 5 x cascade rinse, inspection zone, feed & bleed system.

transport width 800 mm. Hot water heating.

This machine can operate in line with ID# 127 IS Pumiflex 2000 , for copper threatment before put up soldermask.

IS  Surface cleaner 30"

ID# 197

IS Surface Cleaning  Machine after solder mask and before chemical Au - Sn or Ag .

Transport width 800 mm , panel ticknes 0.1 to 12 mm.

Input conveyor, spray cleaning , 3x cas rince , SHD A-A dryer, outlet conveyor.

Hot water heating.