Water treatment

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Water treatment

Wilms Unna Selective exchanging system

ID# 314

Wilms Unna Germany selective exchange purification system cappacity 7000 L / hour

consisting of :Contol unit , sand filter ,anione filter, catione filter, pumps.2 x buffer tanks 7000l.

Water Demineralisation system

ID# 311

Minipac Eco-Vision ,demi station consiting of  :regeneration unit ,kation colon 75 lt, anion colon 124 lt ,rotameters, pumps , containers, conductivity meter 2 x 10000L HDPE tanks for demi water storage ,cental supply pumps to the machines .

  BTW Reverse osmose UO 12000

ID# 312

Reverse Osmose UO 12000 and dosing system for rins water regeneration and sourse water capacity 12000 l  hour, consiting of : 9 pcs. Membrame elements type 8040, Highpressure pump, pre filtering 10 u ,circulating pumps, 2 x 5000 l buffer tanks, control cabinet.

Dimensions : height 1900 Lenght 3900 depth 800 mm , weight 900 kg.