PCBequip Besoram 

BESORAM PCB equipment trade to the PCB Industry


APS Plasma desmear

ID# 100

APS Plasma desmear, 18 positions, max panel 550x800mm

2x PE AC power packs, Vacuum pump Stokes Microvac 149-11

vacuum pump need repair

Mac Dermid PTH Line

ID# 101

Dermid  PTH Line, for rigid and flex PCB's , width 1000 depth 650, 32  positions, desmead, neutraliser,glassetch,sweller,flex conditioner, accelerator,activator, pre-dip,etch,chem. Cu ,chem.Cu,warmwater rinse, dryer, loading/unloading

length 18 m width 3,7 m height 4,2 m , 2 wagens, rack vibration,

max capacity  3 x 12 pos x 0,62m2 = 21,6 m2 hour

with 31 racks 12 pos for rigid boards and 12 baskets 10 pos for flex

Panel format 900 x 700 mm

Shering PTH Line

ID# 102

Shering  PTH Line, for rigid and flex PCB's with  copper plating, 24  positions, desmead, glassetch,flex conditioner,activator, cattalist,conditioner, 2 x chemical Cu , 1 x copper plating pos; dryer, loading/unloading positions,length 12m width 2,5 m height 2,7 m

1 wagen, max capacity  3 x  1  x 0,78 m2 = 2,34 m2 hour, complete with rectifiers, flight bars, and clamp bars. Panel format 1300 x 600 mm.

Mezka  Plating Line

ID# 103

Metzka Plating Line Cu-Sn/Pb, 2 wagens, L18  W 4,1  H 4 meter,

6 copper pos. 2 Sn/pb pos. buffer 12 pos, max,capacity 8 m2 hour,

complete with rectifiers, flight bars and , and clamping bars, rack vibration.

Max panel format 1600 x 650 mm.

Shering Plating Line

ID# 104

Shering Plating Line Cu-Sn/Pb, 2 wagens and 1 anode lifting wagen

L28m x W3,5m x H4meter, 8 copper pos 2 Sn/Pb pos.

max cap,14m2 hour, 10 rectifiers , 25 buffer pos, with flight bars and clamping bars,

rack vibration ,floting anode shields . Max panel format 2000 x 650 mm

IEC Nikkel-Gold Plating Line

ID# 202

IEC , PLC Simatec, Electolytic nikkel Gold plating line, 2 wagens

copper clean, 2x rinse, micro etch, 2x rinse, 2 pos. nikkel , 2x rinse, pre gold, 1 x pos. gold ,

gold recovery rinse, warm demi rinse,4 buffer pos, dryer, loading/ unloading pos,

12x3x3,5 m, with rectifiers floating bars and clamp bars. Format  1200 x 620mm.

IEC Nikkel-Gold Plating Line

ID# 202

IEC, PLC Siematic , Loading/Unloading, 10 buffer pos, 2 wagens

24 proces pos., warm water rinse, hot demi rinse, dryer, lenght 28 m,

with 20 baskets for rigid and flex materials . Format 1200 x 620 mm.