Wet Processing Innerlayers

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Wet Processing Innerlayers

International suplies DES line

IS DES  line 30"

ID# 51-52-53

IS International Supplies DES line  ( Devloping,Etching,Stripping ) speed 2.2m/min by Cu 35u

material tickness min. 0.05mm max. 6mm,transport width 800mm.

Devmaster 30" Double Develop Chamber, Quad Rinse Cascade, & Exit

Etchmaster 30" Double Etch Chamber total titanium build, Quad Rinse Cascade, & Exit,

with cupri cloric regeneration, feed & bleed system.

IS international Suplplies Stripmaster 30" Double Strip Chamber, Quad Rinse Cascade, & Exit and with Drum Filter System ,includes SHD dryer.The line is complete rebuild , state like new.

Höllmuler DES line

ID# 56

Hollmuler DES line speed 1.6m /min by Cu 35u, materiaal 0.05mm to 6mm, Transport width 620mm ,2 x  etch chabers 1200 mm, triple cascadereplenisher ,quadriple rinse , inspecting zone, 1e stripping 2000 mm, 2e stripping 600mm, dryer, exit ,drum filter, Simatic PLC with      cupri cloric regeneration , feed & bleed systhem. Rebuild.

IS chemical copper cleaner innerlayers 30"

ID# 40

IS International Supplies chemical copper cleaner before innerlayer lamination, material tickness min 0.05mm, max.6mm .

Transport width 800mm, 5x  cascade rinse - dryer

Resco pumice jetspray Flex materials

ID# 130

Resco Jetspray ,aluminium oxide spraying , gives a perfect bonding adheranse on flex materials,

also useful for copper cleaning on verry thin materials.

Chemical cleaning, rinse, spraying bottom site chamber, spraying top site chamber,

rinse with centrifuge recovery system of the abrasive. transport width 620 mm.

CRH Copper cleaning line

ID# 119

Chemical cleaning before dry film lamination, 3 x cascade rinse , micro etch , 3x cascade rinse and dryer. transport width 650mm, PCB tickness 0.1 - 5 mm

Pill Copper cleaning  line

ID# 200

Pill Mec Copper cleaning befor innerlayer or outerlayer dry film lamination or Solder Mask, transport width 650mm, PCB tickness 0,1 - 5mm.

Inlet 420mm,spray cleaner 500mm, spray rinse 300mm, spray micro etch 1400mm,spry rinse 300mm, reciculation rinse 420mm spray rinse 420 mm, drying 760mm, outlet 420 mm.

IS  innerlayers oxide line 30"

ID# 82

IS International Supplies innerlayer Oxide Line 30", chemical spray cleaning 1200mm

5xcascade rinse, 2x 700mm spray oxidation, 5xcascade rinse, rinse,dryer, total lenght 10m.

Transport width 800 mm, mat. tickness 0.05 to 6 mm.

Chemcut innerlayer oxide line

ID# 84

Chemcut Oxide Line, transport width 610 mm.  Input-chem chamber, 2x recir. Rinse, rinse,

double spray oxidation module 2x700mm, 2x rinse module ,

warmwater and warm air drayer, exit, total lenght 7m