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BESORAM PCB equipment trade to the PCB Industry

About Besoram

Besoram has recently acquired the assets from a high-tech PCB company in Belgium.

This company was for more than 50 years active in the world of the electronic industry,especially in the avionics, military, medical, telecommunication, and the automotive sectors.

Mainly specialized in advanced products as high density multilayers, stacked micro vias, via in pad, HDI, LDI, RF, flexibles, rigid flex, impedance controlled backpanels, and oversized mass lamination technology.

To meet the high quality requirements in each of these sectors, the work methods and machine park were updated continuously.

Our staff which is originating from this company has decades of experience in designing, organizing, plant lay-out, producing and equipment development and maintenance.

Besoram sells pre-owned PCB equipment and machines for the printed circuit board production industry.

Besoram has a well-equipped maintenance department, and has the qualified and experienced staff to renew, rebuild and maintain the equipment. We have renewed some of the wet processing machines, and

some of the equipment is rebuild by the original fabricator.

The machines are in operating state and can be visited and tested in the factory.


Besoram additionally provides the following services to their customers:

- Equipment overhauling and rebuilding

- Shipment

- Facility liquidations

- Full service technical department

- Installation and repair

- Facility design and layout

- Complete PCB facility sales