AOI Automatic Optical Inspection

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Automatic Optical Inspection

Technico Systems Jirafo

ID# 73 & ID# 73a

ID# 73 Techno Systems Jirafo dual/D vertical loader s/n 7003,max panel  800 x 1200 mm

ID# 73a Input conveyor lenght 1500 mm,  width 820 mm  with dust cleaner .


ID# 74

AOI, optical scanning, unloading in line with 24 cameras, with bar code printer.

maximum width 762 mm , speed 2 m/ min.

DCN linked.

Technico Systems Jirafo

ID# 75

Techno Systems Jirafo dual/C vertical unloader s/n 7001,max panel  800 x 1200 mm

ID# 76 & ID# 77

AOI Focus E/R 41W  & 38W

ID# 76 AOI Focus E/R - 41W control station s/n 2008233

ID# 77 AOI Focus E/R - 36W control station s/n 9808224

Orbotech Discovery XL

ID# 78

Orbotech Discovery XL, AOI scaner , large format  s/n PI101022

Max. Inspection area  635 x 1117 mm

Orbotech VerySmart-A

ID# 79

Orbotech VeriSmart-A, AOI  Verification station s/n AR073115

Max. area 635 x 1117 mm

ID# 80

Orbotech Pre-Fix

Orbotech Pre-Fix, AOI  automatic laser reapare station s/n AR081005

Max. area 635 x 1117 mm

Orbotech VRS2

ID# 219

Orbot VRS2  inspection station