Electrical Testing

PCBequip Besoram 

BESORAM PCB equipment trade to the PCB Industry

Circuit Line Precise 2S electrical tester

ID# 212

Circuit Line Pricise 2S, electrical tester, double side bare board tester, double density

70 mils grid, 74383 testpoints - 10 to 240 V. Tert area top 304 x 381 mm, bottom 333 x 419 mm.

with thousand of test pins and test tool materials.

Circuit Line Precise 2S electrical tester

ID# 213

Cuircuit Line PCA 64k MN HV, electrical sigle side bare board tester,

64000 test points. Test area 750 x 550 mm, with thousands of test pins and test tool mateials.

Microcraft Emma mouving probe tester LM 40-6161

ID# 215

Microcraft Emma moving Probe Tester EMX8161

with 500 V and 1000 V test option, test area 850 x 750 mm

ID# 214

Luther & Maelzer fling probe tester EMX 8161

Luther & Maelzer Fling Probe tester LM40-6161 4 probes

AEI Vieuw Sonic digital optical measurment system

ID# 216

AEI Vieuw Sonic Digital optical measurment system.

Unitec PCB repare station

ID# 217

Unitec PCB repare station

Projectina RP 400

ID# 218

Projectina Visual  inspection station

Projector, max dim.450 x 740 mm, working size 300 x 390 mm, zoom magnification 5x with X/Y positioning table

Orbotech VRS2

ID# 219

Orbot VRS2  inspection station


Polar Toneohm 950

ID# 220

Polar Toneohm  950 Multilyer short locator, find the location of shorts multilayers.

Polar CITS 500

ID# 221

Polar CITS 500 Controllled impedance test system.

Range 0-500 ohm, tolerance range 1-100 %,measurment accuracy 1% at 50 ohm,

with accessories probes and verification test coupons.