Solder mask

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Solder mask

Chemical pre threating line before Curtain coating

ID# 139-ID#140-ID#141

ID# 139 Schmid 819 vacumat vertical trolly caset loader.

ID# 140 DEA chemical spray cleaning, spray rinsing.

ID# 141 Pola & Masa dryer.

Transport width 620 mm.

Curtain coating solder mask line

ID# 140-146

ID# 142 MASS curtain coater single sided,MASS pre curing line sigle sided,143 MASS evaporator zone with input conveyor, 144 MASS 2 x Infra red drying modules, 145 MASS cooling zone, 146 MASS eagle unloader.

Transport width 635 mm.

ID# 148 &ID# 149

Staub exposure units

Staub LBA-65 unit machine, double sided,  pin registrated, 2 x 8 kw lamps,

Wise soldermask devlopner

ID# 150 ID#151 ID# 152 ID# 153

ID# 150 Corema input conveyor lenght 1500 mm.

ID# 151 wISe Soldermask devloper , double develop chamber,cascade, SHD dryer & exit.

Transport wtdth 820 mm.

ID# 153 Westfalia turbo separator, centifuge filtering of the developing solution.

ID# 152 Schmid 818 vertical unloader, width 620 mm.

All4-pcb spray solder mask coater

ID# 147

all4-PCB , single sided spray coating machine,1,5 m/min, max panel format 1500 x 760 mm.

PCB tickness 0,8 - 10 mm , dimensions 2050x2450x3200

  ID# 144

Mass solder mask pre curing line

MASS evaporator zone with input conveyor, MASS hot air drying module, MASS 2 x infra red drying modules, MASS cooling zone and exit.

can operate in line with ID# 147.

ID# 155

Futurek Thermomatic curing oven

ID# 154 Schmid 819 vertical caset loader, with trolly.

ID# 155 Futurek Thermomatic  vertical transport wiket curing oven.

Curing oven for LPI, accumulator slot transport, power 36 Kw, working from left to right, max panel format 450 x 700 mm, max board weight 3 Kg, max air temperature 200 dgr C, outside dimensions LxWxH 4400 x 1500 x 2200 mm, with input and output conveyor.

ID# 156 Schmid 818 vertical caset unloader trolly.