Via hole filling

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Via hole filling

Mass via hole fill machine

  ID# 137

MASS VPC 6000-1,vertical vacuum chamber pluggin machine, can fill holes with conductiv or non conductiv pasta, performed with PTH vias and blind vias, the machine is equipped with a full vacuum chamber and headed heads for reliable via filling,  mostly  used for sequentional build up multilayer technologie.

max panel 610x762mm ,pan.tickn. 0,25-10mm, min hole size 0,1mm.

Pola & Massa planarizer machine

  ID# 138

Micro Planarizer for post via fill process.

Based on Pola e Massa’s patented Multiroll machine from the glass industry

10 brushes provide power for leveling copper features and removing via fill paste

Individual brushes provide some regional conformance.

Very robust equipment design, max. panel witdh 720 mm

With rinse and dry system as well as Copper & resin debris filter system