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Optical film artwork registration system
Optical film artwork registration system
Ferranti Cordax measuring machine
Optical film artwork registration system

Barco Silverwriter 860

ID# 230

Barco Silverwriter 860, film plotter high definition 25400 DPI 24 beams

Sandard 4,000 – 25,000 ppi & 6.25µm – 1 µm

Film format along the drum 18" – 32" 457 – 813 mm

Film format around the drum 24" – 28" 610 – 711 mm

Glunz & Jensen Multiline 860 film developper

ID# 231

Cuircuit & Jensens Multiline 860 film developper in line min. film width 70mm width 860 mm

Logotec  Silver recovery system

ID# 232

Logotec Silver recovery system, this system can works together with the developper ID# 231

for the silver recuperation out of the developpig solution.

ID# 233

Vametek Optical film artwork punching registration system

Vametec Optical punching of registration holes into artwork films

High resolution CCD cameras, adjustable X and Y axis camera positioning on two registrating targets on the midde lines of each artwork. 7 High precision hardned punches. Vacuum table and

Precision deplacement of the table with air bearings.

ID# 234

Ferranti Cordax  optical precision measuring machine.

Ferranti Cordax optical precision measuring machine for measuring on artwork and pcb's .

30"x19" Workspace, 26" Y-axis travel , 28" X-axis travel.

ID# 401

Techon densitometer T120

Techon densitometer T 120, used for measuring the density of artwork.