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Straers cross section polisching
PCB copper peel strenght tester
PCB copper peel strenght tester
Zeiss Jenavert metalurgical microscope
Solaar Unicam 969 AA
Heraeus climate chamber
PCB contaminating test system
Oxfort CMI 900 x-ray  meter

ID# 250

Struers Abramin cross section polishing machine

Struers Abramin grinding,lapping and polishing machine for cross sections

L x W x H: approx. 800 x 550 x 650 mm, Weight: 121 kg, Polishing discs ø: approx. 320 mm

including various lapping plates for sand paper and diamant pasta, incl. operating instructions.

The machine can grinding & lapping 36 saples at once exact in center of the holes.

ID# 306

Struers Cross section sample routing machine

The machine drills two registration holes exact in the center line of the to be inspected holes. With

the two reg. holes the sample is milled out.There after the milled samples are stacked on two pins up to 6 samples and are posisioned in the encapsulated forms, after potting the encapsulated forms are lined-up exactly in the grinding head holder plate so that the cross section come in the midle of the center of the holes after grinding.With Nilfisk vacuum dust cleaner.

Branson Ultrasonic cleaning system

ID# 305

Branson Ultrasonic cleaning used for cleaning cross sections to avoid transferring diamont pasta to the following polishing step.

Sanoclav Wolf TKL 205

ID# 307

Sanoclav Wolf TKL 205 laboratory autoclaves for sterilization, 4 bar

Is a vacuum imprengnation apparatus for embedding of cross section.

Zeiss Jenavert metalurgical microscope

ID# 258

Zeiss Jenavert Metalurgy microscope, with 4 objectives x50 to x1000, with Sony vision system,

and computer  measuring system, digital data stotage and print out, and ethernet conection.

Solaar  Unicam 969 Atomic absorption spectometer

ID# 251

Solaar Unicam 969 AA atomic spectometer, Manufacturer: Solaar / TJA, Germany (Thermo Jarrell Ash - Unicam ),Burner-atomizer:5cm, niobium-doped. Power:220V 50Hz. Format(wavelength):1 channel, single beam. Background correct : deutermatic arc. beam.Focal length 174 mm.

Wavelength Range (Detector):190-900nm. Resolution:0.2 / 0.5 / 1.Scattering,nm/mm:4.7.

With Philips cadode lamps , Cu , Ni , Au and operating handbook.

Heraeus climate chamber

ID# 252

Heraeus Weiss techniek  Climate chamber 220 °C  - 80 °C

Multicore CM-5 PCB contanimination test system

ID# 253

Multicore CM - 5 PCB Contanimation test system

Oxfort CMI 900 x-ray spectometer

ID# 257

Oxfort CMI 900 x-ray spectometer CMI900, high performance XRF analyser for measurement of coating thickness and material composition.Measure the thickness and/or composition of plating, coating, thin films for , Cu , Ni, Au, Sn, Pb .5 layers / 15 elements / Common elements correction

Composition analysis of up to 15 elements simultaneously,

with calibration standards.