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Flex  & Rigid-Flex

PCB Fasti shear
PCB Lenz V Score routing Machine

Resco pumice jetspray Flex materials

ID# 130

Resco Jetspray ,aluminium oxide spraying , gives a perfect bonding adheranse on flex materials,

also useful for copper cleaning on verry thin materials.

Chemical cleaning, rinse, spraying bottom site chamber, spraying top site chamber,

rinse with centrifuge recovery system of the abrasive. transport width 620 mm.

  IS Dryer

ID# 131

International Supplies Dryer for flex materials max. transport width 650 mm.

Dynachem hot-roll laminator 310

ID# 133a

Dynachem 310 Hot-Rol Laminator can be used for thin materials and for flexible materials

includes vacuum base cabinet, transport whdth 24"


Dupont Riston hot-roll laminator LC 2400

ID# 133b

Dupont Riston hot-roll laminator LC 2400. transport width 24".


Dynachem Vacuum laminator 724

ID# 134

Dynachem Vacuum Laminator 724, can be used from very thin to very tick materials,

also aplicable for laminating of cover coating materials .

KMS supper cleaner

ID# 62 & ID#63 & ID#64

KSM Super Clean , dust cleaning machine with in and out conveyor 1500 mm, width 800 mm.

Fasti guillotine shear

ID# 87

Fasti gillotine shear - can be used for cutting from thin materials, cutting width  1630 mm

ID# 302

Nordson EFD Ultra 325 TT Dispencer

Nordson-EFD Ultra TT 325 Automated Dispensing System,  suited for automated tabletop assembly processes, allows benchtop bonding, gasketing, and filling operations to be programmed with Palm(TM) handheld. GUI software provides control of positioning and dispensing parameters and simplifies setup, while closed-loop servo controls and drive motors enable precise positioning of dispensing tip. System is offered with 325 x 325 mm or 525 x 525 mm work envelope.Can be used for covering  Rigid-flex edges, to prevent moister .

Lens CNC V score routing

ID# 24

Lenz V score routing with jump capablity 1 head top 1 head bottom , area 550 x 550 mm

CNC S&M 35, scoring of all shapes are possible, ideal machine for scoring of flex-rigid PCB's.