Factory utilities

PCBequip Besoram 

BESORAM PCB equipment trade to the PCB Industry

Factory Utilities

Chemical storage plant

ID# 310

Reihard Kruger , sodium hydroxide 30% ,HDPE double tank 7400l vol.

Reihard Kruger , HCL 36% ,HDPE double tank 7400l vol.

Reihard Kruger ,ammonia hydroxide 30% ,HDPE double tank 7400l vol.

Reihard Kruger ,ammonia hydroxide  spend,HDPE double tank 7400l vol.

Reihard Kruger T301   acid etch spend,HDPE double tank 22000 vol.

Each container has a carbon filter sysem against air polution.

Cental Supply Pumps to the machines

all the tanks have a test certificate from the manufacturer , and  approval

from the evironmental service of the gouverment

Welders Chamber filter press

ID# 316

Welders Filtration Technology Filter perss, Type SKFF-630-40-25, cake volume 350 L cake thickness 25 mm , 50 filter plates 630x630 mm, filter presure 16 bar,with collecting container.

year 2012

Jozef Emmerich Chamber filter pump

ID# 317

Jozef Emmerich Chamber Filter Pump, Type 5511PPH , volume 4 m3 / hour, max presure 16 bar.

year 2012

Wilms Unna continous waste water threatment plant

ID# 313

Wilms Unna Germany continous water purification plant 20000 L hour, for low contamineted polueted rins water,consiting of :Reactor tank 7000 L, Continous sedimentation tank 10000 L,

lime mixin tank, dosing pumps.

Wilms Unna Concentrates processing

ID# 315

ChamberWilms Unna Germany  Concentrates processing, 6 x storage tanks 6000 L

reactor tank 9000 L , pumps and dosing system, measurement and control devices

Sedimentation tank 15000 L , several transfert pumps .

Erbo Central drill dust extraction system

ID# 335 & 336

Erbo central drill dust extaction system, 3 x cyclon dust separators with automatic dust evacuation,

2  cabinets with 2 vacuum pumps and dust filters for clean air exit.

Daikin EWAD aiir /water cooler

ID# 333

Daikin EWAD 190 AJYNN  Air /Water cooler 190 Kw, 400 V, 120 A, 50 Hz.