Cutting Rigid & Prepreg

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Cutting Rigid & Flex

Smid Panel Cutting
Guillotine Shear
PCB Fasti shear
PCB Gate shear Schroder
PCB Hand shear
PCB Rosenthal Prepreg rol cutter
PCB Pasquato rol cutting Machine

Smid  panel Cutting saw machine

ID# 1

Smid Mulhouse panel saw machine - PLC control crouzez CMP855n

with diamond saw blade dia for 240 to 340 dia.Max. panel with 1250mm.

Panel stack hight up to 30 mm.

Gatti  guillotine shear

ID# 2

Gatti  guillotine shear model CCM 152 ,width 1500 mm,  with pricise cutting lenght setting,

PCB Gate shear

Fasti guillotine shear

ID# 87

Fasti gillotine shear - can be used for cutting from thin materials, cutting width  1630 mm

Schröder guillotine shear

ID# 88

Schröder guillotine shear -cutting wtdth 1300 mm

Hand shear

  ID# 90-90a -90b

3pc. Hand shear for paper,  folie and copper foil and thin materials cuttig whidth 800mm ,table dimensions 1100x1400mm.

Rosenthal prepreg cutter

ID# 91

Rosenthal , prepreg cutter on rol

Pasquato automatic prepreg cutting on rol

ID# 92

Pasquato TE 15/DC, automatic prepreg cutter on rol, with loading lift

with Nilfisk IV 055M PTFE dust extractor , width 1500 mm.